2023 Showcase Competition

Join us for our annual Showcase Competition!

We are proud to announce that Aliso Viejo Ice Palace will be hosting an In-House Showcase Competition following our regularly scheduled public session on Sunday, May 7th!


The competition is an opportunity for every skater from Snowplow Sam to adults, to show off their theatrical skating skills! 


This competition will be judged on entertainment value and performance quality. Skaters from both our Lake Forest and our Aliso Viejo Ice Palace in levels: Snowplow Sam, Basic Skills 1-6, Pre-Free Skate-Free Skate 6, Well Balanced Programs: No Test, Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary, and Adult Pre-Bronze and Bronze are eligible to compete in this competition. 


The deadline to submit applications is April, 23rd. If you have any questions please email Danielle Eastman, Learn to Skate Program Director at danielle@avicepalace.com